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      Azaleas in bloom at one of our Vancouver condo location gardens

      Landscape maintenance and planting for condos, offices, homes of all types

      Indoor plant & living wall maintenance and planting.

      Artificial plants too

      Garden structures we've designed and built
      Garden renovations for residential and condominium owners
      Ponds, waterfalls, fountains, "gurglers", and other water features
      Irrigation stream spray heads in lawn

      Irrigation systems of all types and sizes


      Basalt wall of split and stacked natural stone
      Fire pit made of basalt rock, in natural "bluestone" flagstone patio
      Front walk of new pavers in classic “red brick” tones; with stairs made of StackStone in matching colours
      Basalt stepping stones, wall & stairs
      “Pondless” waterfall with hidden water reservoir; water “disappears” into river rock at bottom
      New sod, planting and mulch detail
      "Ledgestone" rock applied to poured concrete fence pillars to give natural stone finish
      Natural rock stairs built with large split Basalt
      Steps and patio made with "Stackstone" and "Old Country Stone"
      Seasonal planting to enhance home entrances
      Water feature made from basalt column on "pondless" water basin
      Arbour, fence, and Natural Slate stair detail
      Waterfall flowing into pond that was built as feature in granite wall corner
      Natural Cedar timber and plank planter built in to corner of deck
      Curving side garden path of new pavers in classic “red brick” tones

      Recent landscape installation projects we've done, from large to small... rock, paving stone, woodwork and waterworks

      Interior and Exterior Living Walls, green roofs, living frames

      Landscape lighting to enhance your landscape at night

      Video Gallery featuring some water features we have designed and built